I remember a time when finding bookish and Fandom merchandise in South Africa was a gigantic pain in the ass. Over the last two years it seems the universe has heard our plea. There are always new online stores popping up and g’damn are these people making gorgeous and good quality merchandise.

I’ve also realised that a lot of people are unaware that these store exist so I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favourite bookish/fandom stores.

Treasure Box

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If you’re looking for a one-stop Fandom store then you’ll love Treasure Box Jewellery. They have a wide varies of bookish, TV and movie fandom stuff. Primarily they specialise in fandom jewellery but they also sell fandom scarfs, beanies and even make-up brushes. I love this store because their prices are so good. Majority of my Harry Potter jewellery has been bought from them and plan on buying the Harry Potter make-up brushes and the Ravenclaw scarf from them soon. (When I am not so broke…)


Most of you probably use Raru already to buy books but did you know that they also sell really cool fandom merchandise? They have loads of international suppliers so I normally buy merchandise from them that we just don’t stock in SA. I’ve bought a couple of mugs from them and I have my eye on a Hogwarts purse…


PaperCute trades on Instagram and they customize per order which I absolutely LOVE. This is where I got my “Study Like Granger”, “Protect like Weasley” and “Live Like Potter” mugs. They’re all really unique handmade items. They also make awesome book pouches. I received the Hogwarts letter book pouch in the April The Book Case.

The Book Case Subscription

When I joined Bookstagram in 2015 I could only wish for a local subscription; and then The Bookcase was born and it was amazing. Each month has a different theme and includes a latest YA release plus 4 or 5 bookish/fandom items. So far I have bought 4 boxes and have been impressed each time. PaperCute is one of the contributors too.


Minima produces T-Shirts and operates from Instagram. Their designs are super simple and cute even though all of them aren’t book theme. They unfortunately don’t deliver though, so you’d need to be residing in Cape Town in order to collect.

I am always looking for more local Fandom stores to support. Let me know which ones are your favourite in the comments below.

Bonus: Spiritually Geeky

Should we order more of these? #spirituallygeeky #harrypotterfan #hogwartsismyhome #potterhead #pocketwatch #necklace

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I recently found Spiritually Geeky on Facebook and have already pre-ordered some Harry Potter hoodies for the winter season. (I know I have a problem but I am not sorry) They stock a wide variety of awesome fandom stuff and they are always adding new things to their pre-order list.

Fandom Merchandise

2 thoughts on “Fandom Merchandise

  • May 18, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    I love bookish merch and I love that they’re more accessible to us S’Africans now! But I find myself second-guessing whether I really need it (no but I want it) and where I’m going to put it all! That’s why I love the book pouch we got through Bookcase because I can actually use it. I really do want so Funko POP! characters though… even though you can’t DO anything with them.

    • May 19, 2017 at 10:01 am

      They look pretty on the shelf and in pics. Thats good enough for me. Hehe!


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