It has been quite a week over here in South Africa with the nationwide student protests regarding the ridiculously high university fees proposed for 2016. Being a student myself – a student with insane debt due to student loans might I add – I couldn’t sit back and relax in the comfort of my home while my fellow classmates faced stun grenades, tear gas and at times rubber bullets all in the name of educating the nation. And so I literally dropped everything – work included – to join my comrades in solidarity. Thankfully the marches I attended remained peaceful. I am so proud of the youth for standing together, united in a cause we all believe in.


It saddens me that some of the protests became violent and it angers me that the violence was on the part of the police, our so called protectors. But we will not stand down. Our parents did fight for us to be oppressed by the government that was suppose to be our saviour.


We won a small victory on Friday. President Zuma announced that there would be a 0% increase in fees for 2016. Yes, we will celebrate, but don’t be fooled. The war is not over. #FeesMustFall NOT #FeesMustStayThe Same!

We lost the Rugby WC semi-finals to New Zealand. Sadness… It was a tight game.

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to my usual blog schedule as of tomorrow. I haven’t read anything this week, nor have I work on my WIP.

However, I did manage to post my Insurgent review on Monday and the Book Fangirling Blog Award tag on Tuesday.

The rest of last week’s goals will become this week’s goals.

  • Finish either Crown of Midnight or Clockwork Angel
  • Post 2 reviews this week – Monday and Friday (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Throne of Glass)
  • Rough outline my WIP
  • Do a book tag on my blog
  • Revise short story
  • Sort out Goodreads shelves
  • Write a few Goodreads reviews

And Nanowrimo is getting closer! I feel so unprepared…

How are you guys doing with your goals?

Education is a birth right, not a privilege!

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