imageIt has been a busy few days, it was Eid this past weekend so my days have been filled with family and food. It seems I’ve missed the end of week check in with the ROW80 crew so I guess I’ll wait until tomorrow before I check in. However, I have not been neglecting my 100 words per day goal.

Anyway, I thought that today I would talk about word processors.

Recently I’ve switched from Scrivener to Google Docs and One Note on the simple premise of accessibility. I have a habit of writing on multiple devices, this includes my laptop, tablet and phone. I know that for many writers finding a word processor that works can be a daunting process. I’ve found that Microsoft Word simply does not allow easy navigation through long documents, nor does it encourage creativity.

On the other hand I found that Scrivener is too busy, there are way too many distractions. I constantly found myself preoccupied by formatting and other things that should only matter after you’ve finished the final draft. While Scrivener is a helpful tool for formatting and keeping track of word count during NanoWriMo – that template was cool – it unfortunately does not meet my need for accessibility. It is way too much of an effort to install it on each computer and there is no mobile app, so I for one am grateful that I decided to use the trial version before purchasing it.

I then decide to give One Note a try. I found that One note is awesome if you’re looking for a place to keep all your pre-planning notes and research. It is also accessible across all your devices – yeah for that – although the mobile app is rather slow, so if you’re planning to write a decent chunk of your story on while on the go I can guarantee that One Note will only frustrate you. So I’ve settle on using One Note for story outlines, character profiles, research and world building.

This lead me to Googles Docs. Aaaah… how Iove you Google Docs. The interface is simple and clean; it saves automatically; I can customise and save templates and I can use it across all my devices. There is one problem though, editing documents when you’re offline… When using the app on your phone or tablet you have to select the option to pin a document offline so that you can open that document offline. Simple enough right? Today, for the first time I found myself needing to edit a document offline. All was good and well, the document opened up and I continued. When I was finished I clicked on “Done” and assumed that this meant my document was saved. By then my Wifi was up and running again so the document should have save to my cloud. A few hours later I returned to the document on my laptop only to find that it had not saved and the outdated document had now over-rided whatever I had written earlier.

Aaah, that feeling when you loose your work. It’s like world had chewed up everything I loved and left me with nothing but the bits and scraps it didn’t want. It is probably the most disappointing feeling ever.

Regardless of the fact that I now felt betrayed by this treacherous application and a tad bit broken inside, I sat down and wrote most of it all over again. While I’ll never get those words back, they were bound to be edited eventually. These will do for now.

So beside today’s glitch, Google Docs is my main word processor, One Note for planning and Scrivener for format. I think Microsoft Word has become obsolete and they no one should be using it other than high school kids and their teachers.

Today’s word count: 450

That is not bad at all hey?

– Dee

Finding a Word Processor that works.
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