I’ve always hated those labels, the ones we put in our bios. Writer, author, artist, musician. I never know which one to choose and always have the urge to just call myself a “creative” because I’ve dabbled in all of those arts and will dabble in those arts again.

I guess you could say that writing is my constant, for me writing is breathing. I have to write everyday whether it is a blog post, a note, a creative writing piece, lyrics or even academic work.

But I’ve also gone through periods when all I did for months on end was draw manga, or paint acrylic portraits or mess around with watercolors.

I am also a musician, I’ve been in different bands since I was 15 and for the first time in my life I am not longer activate on the music scene. And that has taken quite a toll on me. I miss jamming, I miss creating music and I miss performing but there are valid reasons as to why I’ve put that on the back burner.

Even though I have been writing a lot I have to exercise other creative outlets, this is why I set up websites for friends, take photo of books, do random creative projects like making wands, bookmarks, jewelry, candles, basically anything as long as I can make something.

Lately I have been extremely anxious about life in general and I find that creating things is the only that calms that monster, particularly painting. I am not necessarily very skilled at it but I go into a whole other zone when I paint. For me painting is simply a release, I am not doing it for any other reason but for me time. So I have been taking an hour here or there to take some time out, clear my mind and do some painting.

Do you guys ever feel this overwhelming need to create things? Let me know in the comments what you do when you’re not reading or writing.

The need to create.
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2 thoughts on “The need to create.

  • September 14, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    YES, yes I do feel that need to create. Writing, especially, but a little bit of the artsy-crafty kind of things to do. I don’t consider myself to be any good, but that’s besides the point isn’t it? I think we feel the need to create because we feel alive by bringing other things to “life”. It’s our small way of seeking immortality.

    • October 28, 2016 at 8:20 am

      Agreed. I don’t create for other people, I paint and make things for my own sanity. 🙂


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