This is a piece I came across on my drive. It was written years ago, back when I was in high school. My writing style has definitely changed and improved since then, but I think this piece is quite effective in it’s own right.


I wish life was simple again
And you’d laugh at me when I was acting silly
And tell me to close my eyes and take a deep breath
And everything would be okay.

I wish life was simple again
So I could run to the safety of your warm embrace
And when everything seemed too much to handle
You’d handle it all so easily without a single stumble.

I wish life was simple again
Back when it was easy for you to feel proud
And for me to make you proud
Without the constant need to hide the way I feel
And what I want from life
And you wouldn’t push me aside
You’d support me
Even when in reality my dreams were childish and ignorant.

I wish life was simple again
Back to when everything was about family
And happiness
And fun.
Not fear,
And hospital beds,
And countless bottles of medication,
And sleepless nights,
And pointless fights.

I wish life was simple again
Back to when you walked into the room
And with you a sense of authority followed
And you towered each of my insecurities
Like my own personal Superman
You were my only hero

But now,
As life’s curve-balls catch up with you
It weakens you.
Not in spirit,
But in form.

And it hurts to watch all those who envied you
Throw these things back at you.
It hurts to watch you fight the things that you cannot change.

It hurts when they assume they know you
And they assume they know the situation.
But how could they know you for who you truly are
When they have forgotten who you were?

And even when you think they cannot see your strength
I see you holding on tighter each day
Just to see if you’ll make it to your next birthday.

And I know you do it for us
And not yourself
You keep us safe
By hide your suffering
Because you fear that we’re not ready for the truth

I wish life was simple again
And letting go had no other meaning other than releasing your hand in the pool
When you taught me how to swim

I wish I had known what that had truly stood for
Because then I would have held on even tighter…

I wish life was simple again.
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