I’ve been lazy… I haven’t written much since Monday, I am so behind on my NaNoWriMo word count and I, quite honestly don’t think I’ll make 50 000 by the end of the month.

But I will continue writing none the less. Who knows, I might just get there anyway. I thought I’d share another snippet for today’s post.

Of DuskThe silence in the council room was too much for Arabella to handle, she could hear her own heart beat in the back of her throat and felt the urge to say something, anything just to break the barrier of silence.

Lord Jameson was the only one brave enough to speak, “My deepest sympathies Your Majesty, Princess Arabella. May the Nur guide him to the ever after and may he find his seat in Kingdom of the Highest Heavens.” He touched his brow and lifted his forefingers to the sky. “But we must act quickly, this is a direct attack on the crown and it must be met with hostility. We cannot let them think that we are weak, we must retaliate and show the Siren that we will prevail.”

The room erupted as the councilmen all began to argue about what needed to be done. When the Queen said nothing and just watched as the chaos began to ensue, Arabella could not contain herself any longer. What they were suggesting was suicide, attacking the Forest Folk would only end in disaster. She stood up from her seat and ignored the pointed look the Queen gave her.

“With all due respect Lord Jameson, I do not think it would be wise to make such a presumption. As far as I can tell there is not sufficient evidence they this attack came from the Forest Kingdom, in fact, they too have suffered a great loss. Until we have been fully informed as to what has happened we should not make any hasty decisions.”

“The Prince is dead Your Highness, is that not proof enough?”

“Let the death of my brother not be the death of this nation,” she said.

NaNoWrimo Day 19 – Falling behind
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One thought on “NaNoWrimo Day 19 – Falling behind

  • November 19, 2015 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks for sharing an excerpt! 🙂

    I remember doing NaNo. It was so stressful but exciting at the same time. I finished two years in a row, but there were times I lagged behind. Because of my determination, I finished my 50K just in the nick of time. If you really push forward, you can do it, too. But…if you don’t, just keep writing anyway. 50K in one month is brutal.


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