Title: Passenger
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Date Published: 5 January 2016
Rating: 4 stars

Passenger, Beach


Etta, a professional violinist discovers that she is a time-traveler after she is kidnapped and pulled through a portal that leads to 1877. Here her path intertwines with a pirate named Nicholas and the two are send on a treasure hunt through time.


This book took me quite a while to finish because such is life when you’re in the middle of a reading slump, however, upon finishing it I find myself slowing crawling out of that reading slump in search for some pirate. (I feel a new obsession developing…)

I’ve heard loads of good things about Alexandra Bracken’s
Darkest Minds trilogy, she when I happened to come across Passenger I grabbed at the chance to finally read something written by Bracken. Passenger also received a lot of attention on Bookstagram, Booktube and Booklr, the reviews rather mixed. I have to admit that I was thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the diverse dynamics between the characters, the world building and the fact that we get to see very different eras of history throughout the novel.

Bracken’s take time travel is extremely interesting and makes for very high stakes when trying to change the future. Both Nicholas and Etta are portrayed trying to adjust to jumping from one era to Passenger BWthe next in a way which felt realistic. We see how they are forced to adjust and how they need to help each other blend in. These are two very different characters from very different points in time which makes for very interesting dialogue because of their very different upbringings, however, they somehow manage to find a common ground and work together.

I do wish that we got to see more of certain time periods, but that is purely based on my own interest. I think the Bracken world-building is fantastic, her concept of time-travel unique and the two main protagonist both flawed and relatable. While I was not opposed to the romance in this novel I do feel like it was very insta-lovey and that was slightly annoying. I would have preferred the novel to be filled with romantic tension with the prospect of the romance only developing in the second novel.

I will warn you though, it ends on a major cliffhanger and the next book will only be released in 2017.

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Rating 4

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

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