This past week has been hectic. Between organizing my best-friend’s hen party, shopping for material for bridesmaid dresses, trying to keep up with the studies, editing my thesis, job hunting and developing carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands I have completely fallen off the wagon.

I haven’t been able to blog because I am suppose to be resting the hands. Yet at the same time I can’t rest my hands because the due date for my thesis is nearing and my reworked draft has to be in on Saturday.

I’ve been so stressed, battling with anxiety because everything seems to be happening at the same time.

So for the next week or so I’ll be focusing on my reworking my thesis and handing in on time. Once this draft is done I will reward myself with some creative writing exercises.

However, I have been keeping up with my September book photo challenges. These photos keep me sane.


How are you guys doing with your goals lately?

ROW80 – Falling off the wagon

2 thoughts on “ROW80 – Falling off the wagon

  • September 9, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Falling off the wagon happens… to all of us. And it sounds like you’ve got some excellent reasons for the drop. Do what you can, when you can… Have you considered using a using a voice-text program like Dragon Naturally Speaking (the phone version is free, but a bit clunky) for some of the writing you need to do?

    Nice pictures.

  • September 10, 2016 at 9:05 am

    I know that anxiety. I usually take a few deep breaths, and maybe do some hometending, while I ponder what NEEDS tending, and what I WANT to do. Then I work out a plan that gets the need met, but also allows some time for the want part. When that can’t be writing, I swap in a quick round of Cake Mania 3 or Spider Solitaire.

    I’m about to finally get out from under a long, long stretch of homeschool paperwork, so, once that’s done, I can go back to more focus on plotting and revision projects that have been waiting their turn.

    May you have a calmer space by the time you read this! =D


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